theatre (8)

an episodically published poem
link to beginning

first drawings in ink
rough, on good stiff paper
art by exigency
demands of the stage
the plot the money
the shop size stage access
transportation needs
the sightlines effects

confer with the boss:
the director
harsh lines for a harsh story
back to the drawing board
fingers aching inkstained
sketches on hard cardboard
some paint a little gouache
consultations with
the costume designer
the lighting designer
and more with the boss
now the model:
cutting craftboard
hot glue gouache
little pots of watercolours:
that prussian blue
the other blues and oranges
ochre sienna black
all in layers
lay in scrim, bulbs for lighting
neat little cutouts for characters
all in costume
consultation approval
construction drawings
to the shop discussions
solving problems of
logistics viewed in four dimensions

make the deadline as
the actors and director need
this doorway
that level
that chair

To the paintshop
mix colours
from swatches in correct light
apply, texture,
speckle with light grabbers
make the model live
dreams: art by exigency

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