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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

* * My new poems here to date: 1,153* *

img_2108The header above is out my back window just about dawn.

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Also new: You can now “Share” and “Like” my posts. Please do so. You will see the buttons below each post.

Over time, I have taken my own advice and compiled a collection of my favourite poems from this site. I did this by clicking on the “FavoriteAdd to favorites” link below the archive version  of each poem that I like a lot. (If you don’t see the link, click on the post’s title to get to the archive version.) Each selection is stored in your own list, accessible in the “Lists” menu, above.

If you are a subscriber, your list is stored in the site database. If you are not a subscriber, the list is stored on your computer in a cookie, which deletes your list if you delete the cookie. All lists are private; even I can’t access any but my own. If you do have a list, I would be pleased to hear about it. Cheers.

“Popular Posts”  I am amazed to discover that some of my posts have been viewed multiple tens of thousands of times in the past six years, since I enabled the counter. (see column to the right).


I was searching for my sonnets here, and discovered they are not easily come by. Here is a link to a page that starts the list of forty-eight sonnets. There are just a few on each screen, and you have to follow the link to a newer or older group: Sonnets Other types are discoverable through the Lists menu, above.

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Poet, playwright, duplicate bridge player, website designer, cottager, husband, father, grandfather, former athlete, carpenter, computer helper for my friends, theatre designer, backstage polymath, retired teacher of highschool English, drama, art, a baritone singer in a barbershop quartet, who knows what else? wordcurrents is on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wordcurrents/ Doug also has a Facebook page, "Incognitio", related to his novels.
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