Making sense of all this


I notice that visitors to this site are starting to become frustrated by the growing volume of work; I notice that I am becoming frustrated by the sheer volume of work to wade through to find anything. With that in mind, Some time ago, I started printing out a book of everything posted here: it is several inches thick.


I have resolved to start collecting these works into collections which I shall post in booklets on my web proper. This will be a time-consuming process , which will not likely yield results for a while. As I post these booklets, I shall announce same births prominently at the top of the blog main page.

Seven and a half years and almost a thousand poems later

I have created no booklets. The creative mess here is more cantankerously jumbled than ever. The stacked printout of these poems is over a foot high.

One solution to sorting out the wheat from the chaff does exist in the actions of a plugin called My Favorites [sic: American spelling]. Above each post in the archives is a link, “Add to favorites”. If you are not a subsciber, and you click on that, you will see the title appear in a list of your favourites, which you can access from the home page by clicking on the menu: LISTS/YOUR FAVOURITES. If you are a subscriber, your Favourites list will appear in the column to the right of the Home page as well as in the menu as above.

Searching wordcurrents

Most posts are categorized and tagged. Categories generally refer to the kind of writing, and tags generally refer to the subject. As a result, even though the word “sonnet” does not appear in the post, you can fins all the sonnets by seaching for “sonnet”; likewise, poems about “snow” or “relationships” or “joy” . . .

I have done some of this for you by creating lists. The site map organizes things that way, by categories as well. If you have suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I welcome comments and questions, and always answer as time permits.

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