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wordcurrents is a torrent of poetry, theatre reviews and opinions emanating from the brain of Douglas Hill, who used to teach and now spends his time conspiring with other poets to raise the level of self awareness in the world, or whatever it is poets do.

Hill lives in Canada, almost exactly on the 45th parallel north latitude, just where the the little straight part between Quebec and New York State joins Ontario and gets all swirly because it is tracing upstream in the middle of the St. Lawrence River. The river is the reason for the name of this blog, which ironically or not, started on Valentine’s day in 2006.

Above: that’s my avatar in the poetry forums

Below: That’s me cropped from a group photo of the barbershop quartet I sing in: Acapellics Anonymous.

This column goes on and on, with lots of interesting stuff, but you have to scroll down to see it.

I also write a blog about this blog and my process. That blog is called Platinum River . It’s more casual, and has photos and background of some of the poems — and other stuff, LOL.

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