My Blogging Process

On wordcurrents, all my creative writing (particularly the poetry) is up for revision; consequently, you may notice that a particular poem changes from day to day — or may not, depending on how I feel about tinkering with it. Nothing here is written in stone. Seldom is the poetry I publish here anything like a first draft, nor is it necessarily a final draft. For that reason, I have decided that occasionally, I will publish more than one version of a poem (as distinct from a draft). I see a version as a variation, possibly a very different variation on the theme or iota that got me started in the first place. It’s sort of an opportunity to take both — or all three or five or seven or eight — paths leading from a decision. Kind of like time warp . . .

Note that the numbered Philology pieces are not intended to be different versions of the same poem, but are parts of that series.

You will notice particularly that if someone comments on a piece, I may (sooner or later — or not) come up with a new draft or version of the piece.

Now, on with the show!

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