elephant waltz

Trumpet sounds across the jungle
with its own familiar rhythms
and the drums are beating harder
as they hype the coming values
and the men are looking sideways
at the women getting horny
at the thought of all the action
in the aisles of all the hallowed space
they’re hyping in the corridors
they placed along the rivers in the mall

Leave the caves and join the chorus
that is chanting in the belfry of the
place of worship gleaming with the
chromium of values on the altars
of the holocaust we offer to the pantheon
of circuses and values in the mall

O the giant cube is waiting as the
typhoon circles closer like a value-rated
purchase in the sanctum of sanctorums
and the call to prayer is answered by the
swooning of the masses as they circle
pandemonium declaring for the values in the mall

O the elephants are dying in the
forests of the jungle and we
cannot ever find them for they
leave this place forever taking
golden fleece and ivory and
spices from nativity to open spaces waiting
in the vaults of someone’s memory
and they will not forget it
’til they’re gone . . . .

Below is a link to an MP3 of my reading of this poem. Just to give you an idea of how many variations are possible, this is take 12.

Note that it is a 2 MB download and plays for a little more than two minutes. Not good if you are on dialup.

The voice of the poet

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