Give me a northern spring!
Rare, revivifying, joyous:
A return to light, to warmth,
To the promise of summer.

In northern spring,
Snowbanks melt, leaving
Crystaline carapaces
Gleaming, giggling in the sun.

In northern spring,
There is that definite
Delightful day
Everybody brings out the bikes and starts skipping rope on the street.

Spare me from southern spring:
Spare me from the repetitive
Grimy retreat from salt-strewn winter;

Spare me from the reiterated promise
Like a politician’s spiel:
Soon there will be warmth
Soon there will be growth
Soon there will be summer.

Spare me from the constant
Thaws that begin in November
And continue every few weeks
Until April , slush and drizzle
That change to freezing rain . . .

Halloweed begids with dread
Add a code id the head
Chrisbus with its jigglebuds
Gives be a paid: go to bed
Ruddy doze stubid cough
Stays through dark dights
Dib days rebedadive to sprig

Ah, sprig! Southerd sprig!
Sig sprigsog! Sig sprigsog!
Every few weegs udtil
‘flu add code seasod is

Gone. Springsong . . .
Wiggles away . . .

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