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Peter Harry Hill

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Sounds of…   or   Visions of…

two categories to make things bigger, brighter, better.

A brief explanation

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Located in Prince Edward County, Ontario, There are two things I am here to promote: my music, and my paintings. Both are passions of mine. I’ve created two categories under the headings: Visions of…, and Sounds of…
Visions of… is the place where you can find examples of my work and thoughts on the subject. I’ve been painting houses, murals, sets, signs, and paintings for 25 years now.
Sounds of… is where you can hear examples of my work and read ideas and thoughts. First, I’m a bagpiper by trade and have been the pipe major of the Picton legion pipes and drums; second, I have been performing in bands with a folksy style for many years. I’ve created sound tracks for movies and can write a mean pop song or jingle that could add that extra something to an event.

I am also in the process of inventing a pipe and drum band and you can contact me through here if you think you are interested in learning, playing, or hearing ideas.

All in one resource.

You need a bagpiper for that party your planning or a sign painted for that store you're opening (and a bagpiper)? I've got it covered. The all in one resource for the event planner entrepreneur in you. Maybe you need to change the look of the walls in that store before the opening or you want a mural painted in that empty space. Perhaps you need a band that can play fun songs from a modern catalog or even a pipe band.