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Nodding off to JamesT.

Christmas is upon us gobbling cheese logs fruitcake and wide-eyed villagers indiscriminately. The ravenous beast hovers drooling over the watchful winterside waiting for booze. If you approach carefully, with flagons of booze, Ho! Ho! Ho! hangover.

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A Nod to James Thurber

Christmas is upon us once again. It is not astonishing; we were warned. Sing “Ho”. It hovers over us bug-eyed, gobbling candies and villagers, indiscriminately. Sing “Ho”. Bring out the fruit cakes of appeasement the tinsel of contrition and the … Continue reading

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Like Celine

Oh, I almost forgot. At about three, this girl comes in while I’m on the phone and just stands there with this piece of paper in her hand and she’s like, holding it on the counter? I catch a glance … Continue reading

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