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To the gathering

One of the reasons I admire Oscar Wilde: we were proposing toasts last night a wonderful party. (#1021) Continue reading

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On posting 1000 poems

This is the one thousandth original poem I have written and posted in wordcurrents since I started this blog on February 14, 2006. With the exception of summer 2007, and the period July 1, 2008 to August 31, 2009 (when I limited my output to an occasional sixty-four poems) I have posted a new poem every day. I started the project to force myself to write in order to break a seven year writer’s block. The result has been that my left brain has learned to interpret my right brain far more effectively than had previously been the case. I do not claim that many or any of these works are masterpieces, but I am certainly pleased with some of them. I intend to continue writing for wordcurrents; however, I am hoping to find some guest poets who will spell me off so I can look after the revisions and editing that I would like to do. This includes editing my own work, and possibly editing the work of some other poets who asked me to take a look at their work. The Internet has certainly been a boon to this writer. To the many readers of wordcurrents, thank you. Continue reading

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art is an onion

Check out http://warpoet.ca to get the full story. (#969) Continue reading

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