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  1. Heather says:

    I found it! Why the picture with the shadow over your face? You are much better looking than this suggests.

  2. riverwriter says:

    I chose that photo because it looked kind of artsy to me, because it shows me in profile, and because (since I am usually the one taking the pictures) there are very few photos of me; in most of them I am smiling dorkily straight on at the camera, and they all look the same. (Vanity, vanity, I know.) I guess that’s a good subject for a poem . . . .

  3. Tom Swift says:

    A lot of wisdom about the experiences of aging in “On the paper.” Enjoyed it, and the one about yer Gretzkys too. Keep them coming!

  4. riverwriter says:

    Tom: Thanks for having a peek and commenting; I really appreciate it. I am getting such a kick out of this whole experience. I was leaving Schnitzel’s with a group of barbershoppers tonight: one of the quartets, an international medalist quartet, Play It Again! sang for a large table of ladies we met on the way out. The ladies made quite a fuss over the blog as well; so I am really elated this evening. Cheers.

  5. Rosemarie Collins says:

    Hi! Here I am. Carla sent me your message. Cool site.


  6. riverwriter says:

    Hi, Rosemarie:

    Welcome. I am so pleased to see you here. Navigation is a real problem in a blog with 450+ entries. To help, I am in the process of changing my categories. I just set up a new category called “aging”, and have tagged 35 poems in that group. So if you go to Categories (on the right), and click on “aging”, those poems will list in condensed form. I have posted links to some favorites on the http://riverwriter.ca/ page. I am also working on a way to post readings of some of the poems as podcasts.

    I hope you come back!


  7. Len Clement Sr says:

    Hi, Doug:
    The scene at the top of your site….is it the Ottawa River?
    Nice photo, regardless!

  8. riverwriter says:

    Hi, Len:
    The scene is sunset on the St. Lawrence River near Summerstown. Thanks for dropping by.

  9. Tom Swift says:

    Hey! I remember the S. S. Norway. I was having my champagne on the other side of the glass partition. A fun experience. Regards, Tom

  10. riverwriter says:

    What a great way to travel. We weren’t playing duplicate bridge then, and probably wouldn’t play on a cruise now unless the weather were dreadful. Cheers. Doug

  11. Brenda says:

    I read your review of Copper Thunderbird by Marie Clements and am excited about seeing it in Ottawa at the Magnetic North Festival. I have seen the play developed since its inception because I am a friend and colleague of Marie’s – so I am reallly looking forward to it. Will let you know what I think after I’ve seen it on closing night.

  12. stephanie says:

    Hey: I like the new site design! It’s very easy to find stuff and very clear. Good work! Let’s start working on my site, ok? New it’s public, and official, and we HAVE TO: Ha Ha, you are officially committed to it.

  13. Hey Doug,

    I just came across your site and noticed that you do a great deal of
    blogging about theatre/broadway.

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    “Evil Eight Men”

    Please if you would like a CD let me know your mailing address and I’ll
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    The CD will contain 14 original songs, including “Monkey Baby Hanging
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    Fair,” and “Eight Evil Men.” Yazbek will be accompanied by musicians
    Erik Della Penna, Mike DuClos, Dean Sharenow, and Tony Orbach on the CD.

    More about the album here …

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    Yazbek is a long-time cult favorite – a recording artist, vocalist
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    Monty’ and ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ have played in over 20
    countries. His first album ‘The Laughing Man’ won the N.A.I.R.D.
    Award for Best Pop Album of the Year. He is a Grammy-nominated record
    producer, and an Emmy-Award winning TV writer (for Late Night with
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    Adrienne Bonner

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  14. George Foster says:

    Hi Doug,
    Enjoyed your interview in the Freeholder. Your comments about the St.Lawrence struck home. I’ve lived on it all my life – originally from St.Lambert, P.Q. Our cottage on “the island” gives us immense joy.
    Fred MacMillan used to talk about “sparkling waters’ (it was his cottage); my son Geord called it “The Mighty and Majestic St.Lawrence”. Driving home from work daily from Montreal the sight of the River from the top of Summerstown road always gave me the great joy and peace of being home.

    Your poetry reminds us all that life is a gift and that we should remember:
    “Life is too much with us late and soon;
    Getting and spending we lay waste our powers”;
    We believe our purpose is to always make profit;
    Everything around us we covet to make ours;
    Isn’t it time for the world to yell stop it ?

    With apologies to my grade ten teacher (and Wordsworth).

    As a smiling contrast to the above “poem’, you have set a great example of how to live – using your great artistic talents to benefit Cornwall and Canada. (You must also be proud of a very beautiful grandchild).

    George Foster

  15. riverwriter says:

    Thank you for your very literate and perceptive comments, George; you are no mean poet yourself: I can feel your deep affection for the river and the greater community in your words, and I certainly see it in your life and Jane’s.

  16. Bill LaSalle says:

    Hi Doug:

    Not a bad Blog. But I think a man of your talent really needs to expand. There are so many available website providers if you decide you to want to move on to the expanded space provided by a real website let me know. Many of them are free but it would be your choice. I do websites just for the fun of it.

    I dropped the address for my media website in the slot above but here is that address again in the message along with the address for another site I do for Heritage Cornwall. The media site is free so it of course has advertising that jumps out at you when you first open it. I haven’t done much on it recently but it gives me a place to keep many of the stories I’m hoping can be published in my Cornwall Media History book that may never hit the shelves.



  17. riverwriter says:

    Hi Bill

    Thanks for dropping by. I have put your links up in the blogroll under Cornwall Area Sites. You will see that if you look down the right column. I would be interested to know more about the “real websites” you mention in your note. I’ll email you.

  18. Peter says:

    Just thought you might find the following website of interest: http://www.grammarphobia.com/blog/
    It might be a good link to put under the heading “For writers”.

  19. riverwriter says:

    Thanks for the idea, Peter. The Grammarphobia blog looks intriguing to an impudent wordsmith like me; I’ll have to spend some time there; meantime, I’ll take your recommendation “under advisement”.

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