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ooth care

Pehaps Pearldrops was first to refer to a Doctor of Dental Surgery as a “denis”, when the smiling girl with bright white teeth told me right on TV to “see your denis” for “whi(t)er, smoother (t)eeth”. Recently, the makers of … Continue reading

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Cat was always my “C” letter: when a cat sat, its back was a “C”; but like a cat “C” was ambiguous sometimes hard, sometimes soft: “cease” had the soft “C”; “crease” the hard “C”. Then there was the confusion … Continue reading

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yer Gretzkys

Dagnabit! How many of them was they anyways? The was yer Wayne and yer Walter — but when we talk about yer Gretzkys we’re talkin’ about yer Wayne, fer sure. So, anyways, how does this here expression — that there … Continue reading

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