At a summer island party.
Riverwriter is the blogging pseudonym of Doug Hill, the jovial barbershopper in the photo, but otherwise, a poet, playwright, editor, commentator, and critic who was once a teacher of writing and drama to high school students, many of whom had to audition for the privilege. An associate member of the Playwrights’ Guild of Canada, a member of the National Arts Centre’s Writers’ Unit, and for more than most bloggers’ lifetime, an agitator in community and educational theatre. Husband of Flora (retired and much-admired English teacher, superb stage director, curler, artist, and loving friend . . .), father of Stephanie (artist, knitting teacher, florist, student violinist, wife of Simon and mother of De Danann), George (intense chef, astounding poet, musician and martial artist, partner to the wonderful and pragmatic Ku), and Peter (farmer, piper, music teacher, multi-intrument musician composer/performer, chef and father of Colin and Martin Aero, friend and partner to the multi-talented Tammy.) Tra la!

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  1. Wendy Sturgess - CCVS Office Assistant says:

    Glen Hall, former student, is looking for a copy of a musical play “SOLO” that he was a part of in 1985. This might be digging too deep into the archives but hoping we might be able to help this gentleman out. Unfortunately, he only has a couple months to live and wanted to find a copy of this play that he so fondly remembers. The musical play was put on by Mr. Locke, Mr. Hill and Mr. McCartney, held at St. Lawrence College with a cast of over 100 students. He also mentioned that he is Doug “Lardy” Hall’s son who worked at Miller Hughes Ford for many years. If anyone is able to find any information that I may pass along to Mr. Hall, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Wendy Sturgess
    Secondary Office Assistant
    437 Sydney Street,
    Cornwall, ON K6H 3H9
    Fax: 1-855-358-3361

    • riverwriter says:

      Hi, Wendy

      was directed by Bill Roddy. Brian wrote the music and I wrote the libretto.
      I don’t know if I kept anything that old, but I may have a copy. Meantime, I’ll ask Bill and Brian.

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