Bitsa #1
1 small tub leftover tuna casserole
2 slices sourdough bread
1 glass tomato juice
mayonnaise, salt, fresh ground pepper, 1 large dill pickle, cold butter

Butter the bread with cold, hard butter
so the chunks stay thick
spread tuna casserole on bread
garnish with condiments
slice dill pickle into long slices
and lay over the top
add final slice of buttered sourdough
cut in half
enjoy with tomato juice, Friday

Bitsa #2:
1 tin brisling sardines, 22-27 count
sliced warm 3 year old cheddar cheese
English Muffin
Dijon mustard, salt, fresh ground pepper, butter
hot tea to taste

Using a fork , pierce the edges of the English Muffin
and separate the halves, then toast it
butter the hot English Muffin
load on the sardines, eating excess as you go
baste liberally with Dijon mustard
salt, pepper to taste
Top with the other buttered half of the English muffin
enjoy with tea, Friday

Bitsa #ultimate
Gather all the bits of flotsam
that roll rich onto the beach
of the day
Like Crusoe and Friday
salvaging hogsheads of cheese
and chipped beef
floating in after the storm
these are the muscles
that lift us
over the falling dark
and carry us up to light
little bitsa this and that as you go


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