Which is the problem? Guns or brains?

I tweeted this idea and then wrote this and posted it on FaceBook about an hour ago. It is an idea whose time has come. Let’s make a difference.

If the NRA could see the light and support mental health issues, it has the clout to drag that sad aspect of our society out of the era of witchcraft trials. Yes, I support gun control, but the common factor in all these mass shootings is not guns: the common factor is insanity. I say this because guns are in such profusion in the USA that they cannot be considered a common factor in these killings. If they were, we would have these mass killings every day.

Guns are a genie that’s out of the bottle. Let’s work on something that we can all agree needs work: let’s drag mental health research and treatment out of the prison system and our streets (where our PTSD victims live and our unmedicated insane live) and into the light of day. We have developed a society with the technology to take us and our imaginations into space, but our attitude towards mental illness is still in the Dark Ages of the inquisition and witch burnings.

Right now, there are
three places for the dangerously insane — for anyone with mental health problems: our homes, our streets, our prisons. Anyone with a brain that does not work properly is allowed to use that brain to refuse treatment if there is no perceived “danger”. (Hah)

We need to change all aspects of this situation. I say we get the NRA onto this issue. It would take all kinds of pressure off them and put some serious muscle into solving it. It is not just guns that create the problem: it is sick brains.

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