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I have been experimenting with Picaboo, a photo book company that allows for integration of photos and text, and expedites on line sharing and hard copy publishing. This service is similar to iPhoto, available on Mac. I find the process quite exhilarating, as it involves going exploring my archive of poems and photos. I shall be posting some samples here eventually.

An interesting method of finding poems here is to search for keywords; for example, yesterday, I was looking for a poem to post with a collage of photos from our flower garden. I searched using “garden”, and found a list of about forty poems (and a review!). I really enjoyed the process of reading the poems and revising. The process searches words in the posts, and categories and tags I have attached to each post to allow searches to find it using concepts that refer to the theme or content or location and so forth, even though those words may not appear in the post.

Two of the poems that turned up when I searched “garden” were “Lament of a Pillar of Salt” and “Lament for a Pillar of Salt”. I listed them in my Favourites for easy return to them.

One of the problems with trying to manage a sizable body of work is (and this applies to writing a novel or bringing together a collection of short works) is keeping track of it all. “Favouriting” is one simple way to do that. Another very cumbersome method is going through my binders of hard copies, which include works not posted here. Searching the blog gives me another method, but that is cumbersome too, if I want to be comprehensive. Being able to maintain several lists of favourites would make things easier, I suppose.

(Possibly to be continued.)

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