Mercury Retrograde

[absurdist dialogue]

Hi. I just saw the weirdest thing.

I’ve been waiting half an hour.

This old guy gets on the bus
and he’s carrying this little accordion.

I have to leave in ten minutes;
I get docked if I’m late.

So, like, the bus driver starts freaking.
He says, “Not today, Armand:
you play one note, and I pull over,
and you’re on the side of the road.

Of course they always come in half-hour late.
I don’t see them getting docked.
They make two, three times as much
as I do, and for what?
Flip’em the bird I say.

So the old guy flips the strap off
starts to play and dance. Like
he’s just playing a massive nothing
loud, and kind of shuffling around.

The one sits shuffling paper all day,
the other sits yelling for paper all day,
and bitch-women shuffles between them
passing the paper they’ve already shuffled
to death, so they can shuffle it some more.

So the driver stops the bus
in the middle of nowhere,
yells at the old guy to leave,
rants on that he doesn’t care
if the old guy is late for an appointment
to play the accordion for St. Peter.

Gotta go. Nice talking to you.
Next time, try to be on time.

Hey, I just got here. Where you-

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