Killing the keyboard

I speak; therefore I am a poet.

It should be possible to speak to a computer
and have it do what you say; the computer has
the processing power to interpret speech and
express it as text. Keyboards are so model T.

The death of the keyboard will allow the speaker
to use words naturally, while the computer
places them on the page. A word of warning:
I suggest you keep any murderous intent
toward your keyboard to yourself, because
you wouldn’t want it biting off the end of
one of your fingers, or even taking over
your work with an eye to replacing you.
Then we really would have monkeys ruling
the earth, the planets, and everything;
except that the monkeys would be the keyboards,
and the monkeys themselves would be as obsolete
the typewriters at which they proverbially sat.

Why do I suddenly feel like peeling a banana
and grooming somebody with thick hair?
Anyway, I’m a poet, yo.

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