trial balloon

And it came to pass
that the Emperor of the land of cAnAdA
did so decree that there should be built
at the top of the Golden Mountain
an wondrous huge sack of leather
that should contain the warm winds of His Voice
and be covered with the Likeness of His Eye
and it would grow larger as it rose into the vacuum of space
and it would cover the whole of His vast Empire
so that He could see all of His subjects and in awe they would obey Him
and this sac should be made of the hides of many buffalos
joined by the seamstresses of His vast Empire
and they did gather an thousand mighty hunters
who did set out and kill ten thousand bison
and the bison were skinned and sewn together
by the ten thousand seamstresses
and around the base of this huge sac
did the Emperor decree the sac should be painted
by the greatest artisan
in the likeness of His Eye
and so did the greatest of all the artisans come to the holy palace
and he did study the Emperor’s Eye for many weeks
until he did know each green Striation and golden Fleck therein
and then did he lay out his paints
and lo did he truly paint the exact likeness of the Emperor’s Eye
upon the base of the mighty sac
and at last came the day when the Emperor
would truly inflate the mighty sac with His majestic Breath
and lo the people of the kingdom came to the foot of the Golden Mountain
to watch their wondrous Emperor as He would inflate the giant sac
with His mighty Breath
and He was blessed by the Wizards and Priestesses of His Sacred Temple
and He did raise His Arms and call for silence to fall upon the land
and in the silence did He Inhale the air of the land so that there was no breath
left and all the people did fall unconscious
and then the Emperor did blow His Breath into the giant sac
and it did fill at once and it did rise above the land of cAnAdA
wafting out the gentle Breath that did flow down and bathe the people
and the people rose in wonder from their unconscious state
and did see above them the great Eye of the Emperor
looking down as predicted, but wondrous strange
because it did not grow larger as it rose
but indeed it grew smaller
until it was but a little speck
remembered in this song:

The emperor floated a trial balloon
a beautiful green: glorious—my!
designed to loft the azure sky
he planned it would swell
in the air that high
and cover the land as his giant eye
that would see his subjects
and rule or know why
his Royal Decrees went so awry
But as it rose, this silly green ball
it shrivelled and shrank—o me! o my!
and fizzled away like a small housefly
so, emp, good bye!

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