The new theme

The new theme is Vistered Little 1.6 by Nik Iliadis

I like the totally different look of this theme, and the way the reader can manipulate it to determine the background. I have set up some local scenes among the alternatives available. Whatever you choose will stay there for you no matter what changes someone else makes. Cool, eh? I am still having a ball tinkering with the backgrounds.

With Firefox, if you press F11, you can see even more of it. I think something like that works in IE as well.

What do you think?

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6 Responses to The new theme

  1. gudge says:

    I thought the little boxes were just symbolic of different writing styles. But they’re actually functional. Very Cool. I’m writing you from an ants perspective, in the green grass. I feel small. can I have darker words please. they’re blending into the grass. Shhhhh here comes a frog…….

  2. danae mcC says:

    I think it’s a neat template, fun to play with. My browser doesn’t care for it though; it takes much, much longer to load the site than it used to, and it can’t decide whether to display it as white poems framed nicely in black, or pearl-colored poems laid out on white squares. Right now I’m looking at a wheelbarrow filled with wet cement and squinting to type a nearly invisible comment. That reminds me…I need to bake bread tomorrow.

  3. danae mcC says:

    The changes make a big difference in load time and legibility, to Safari, at least. The gold-colored background also seems to perk up the skin tones in your photo. You’re looking very well.

    These thunderclouds are beautiful–sudden summer! Thanks!

    • riverwriter says:

      I have been told yellow is my colour; and , now that you mention it, I do feel better.

      I am testing a further series of enhancements that make the site more effective visually; however, they do not yet permit me to use the yellowish background.

      In a few days, I am going to switch to a bluish text background, but I think I will revert to the mustardy . . .

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