Naked at the Mall

Of course the title
of this piece
depicts a nightmare:
you have been heading for an
appointment with somebody

(like St. Peter at the Pearly gates?)

and you realize
people are looking at you and
you are in the mall

(like swimming under water against the deadly undertoad?)

but consider this:

(voiceover: a la Rod Serling . . .)

an anonymous but thoughtful man
walks in a large upscale mall
in the centre of a very busy downtown.

he observes the wide variety
of dress worn by women
he wonders what motivated them
why some are dressed
as if they were in the middle of
cleaning the oven and had to
get down to the mall
for some extra J-Cloths™
some as if they just stepped out
of their Cover Girl™ shoot
some as if they are headed
for an interview as the new
CEO of Exxon™
some as if they had
just temporarily abandoned
a medieval cloister
and some as if
they were going to bust
Mr. T™ on the nose

and he wonders
what difference it would make
if appearance were irrelevant
and we were all
naked at the mall

(end, Serling voiceover)


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