drilling for a heat exchange system

If only the drill weren’t twenty-four dollars a foot;
if only the wells weren’t four at two-fifty feet each;
if only our way to get heat weren’t so fossil dependant;
if only we lived in a country where winter was sweet.

To drill the heat source will be twenty-four thousand at least;
to put up the unit another ten thousand they say;
and then there’s the needed power conversion upgrade;
they say that’s another five thousand and that ain’t hay.

So we’re looking at thirty-nine thousand and that’s just the top;
there’s also the survey for planning and windows’ heat loss;
and then all the incidentals like rebuilds and window upgrades;
it’s just what I thought: dig a hole and play dollar-in-toss.

Nothing else to do but laugh and stay
and party while it fritters all away.

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