ooth care

Pehaps Pearldrops was first
to refer to a Doctor of Dental Surgery
as a “denis”, when
the smiling girl with bright white teeth
told me
right on TV
to “see your denis”
for “whi(t)er, smoother (t)eeth”.

Recently, the makers of
Crest Pro-Health
have a TV spokeswoman
with bright white teeth
who has told me
“After brushing my (t)eeth
I feel like I’ve just been to the denis”.

It’s as if the lack of a “t” in dentist”
makes the word more acceptible
perhaps smoother, whiter, nicer.

So remember ( )o brush your ( )eeth
with a good ( )oothpas( )e
and see your den( )is( ) regularly.
I( )’s grea( ) advice!

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