After the grandchildren leave—
and I am certain the same was true
when their parents were their age—
our carpets, in fact,
all horizontal surfaces,
are littered—nay, saturated—
with what could be confetti,
but is more likely
small visible bits of primal goop.

I come to this
!!astounding scientific breakthrough!!
by virtue of the observation
that there seems to be no source
for this matter; to wit:
the innocent hands
are always empty and sticky,
leaving irrefutable evidence
on glass table tops, windows,
glass doors, TV screens;
the innocent faces
are always smiling and agreeable—
when not pouting, crying or screaming;
yet the primal matter
continues to appear!
we are witnessing
an act of creation.

as the child moves through space—
space defined as any room or universe
the child moves through—
this primal confetti
(I’m trying to keep it simple, dear reader)
forms in the string wake
of the relatively moving body
(relativity and string theory in one sentence!)
hence, the incredible amount of vacuuming
the grands do upon the departure of said
relatively moving bodies.

Thus are universes created in a vacuum.
Thus does all begin.

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