tree humour

The evergreen carries snow
as the fish his scales
the roof its shingles

Pattern begets consistency
begets predictability
begets reliability
begets tradition

Which begs this question:
Why did the evergreen
in some jocular mood
in some dark green fit of silliness
dump its load of snow
down my neck?

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6 Responses to tree humour

  1. sdunford says:

    well… good for a laugh, but the first comparison does not work for me. extend the analogy, and the evergreen does not always carry snow–it’s dependent on location. i think fish always have their scales, unless they are scaleless fish (algae eaters) or unless the fish are dying or being eaten. quite different from the tree and the roof. roof–also location dependent. they all have in common the quality of construction as well as chance. very strange poem; the dumped snow does give chills, though. 🙂

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