When Calypso split into body and soul,
I decreed
no new cat can take her place;
we’ll wait until Circe does the same
and that is that.
And I stamped my foot
and the universe shook.

The fall had held off
freezing the ground
until mid-January
so I could dig the hole
and put the cold clay down
in a little shroud of
unbleached cotton
that held its own memories.
So it was all part of the
universal plan.
I stamped my foot
on the cooling earth
and that was that.

But people conspire

There are forces in this universe
that cannot be denied:

the earth rotates
the stars twinkle
and so does my wife’s eye.

Today she broke the news:

Willow has had two babies:
two tiny Abyssinians
ruddy, her sister the breeder said
— and cute, I noticed.

She’s coming in six weeks.

For my birthday.

The foot stamping that followed
was actually a dance.


Welcome Katisha.

[Photo of Katisha and her mother and sister is on platinum river
— Katisha is pronounced cat’-e-shaw, after the interesting character in Gilbert and Sullivan’s

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2 Responses to Katisha

  1. gudgey ( your son) says:

    Which one is she. I don’t want want to get them confused.

    • riverwriter says:

      Katisha is the one I will be holding by the end of April. But for your information, Gudgey, she is the larger, calmer of the two siblings — sort of like you in a Kung Fu zone.

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