so correct to rise and set
the day’s agenda to forget
a thousand underbodies who
forgotten can be fired it’s true

before we eat our breakfast grains
and read the news and feel the pains
of earthly strife that has occurred
let’s smile and give the wife a word

and as we don our business suit
and contemplate the institute
we will disband to save a buck
and fire the staff; they’re out of luck

the morning drive could be so fine
if other cars got out of line
and left the road for me alone
so I can drive while on the phone

and who are all the lazy louts
who fill the streets and lie about
without a care and unemployed:
what’s wrong with them? I’m so annoyed!

I love the way my life has turned
I’ve everything I’ve ever yearned
for; it’s the truth my world is perfect
all I need is more in surfeit

I earn more than all the workers
in my country and all others
If you think I make too much
you can go to jail, for such

a thought is treason in our laws:
and can send you north because
you think money is a crime
that’s how you end up doing time

so, my friend, I do suggest
that you decide to make the best
of being poor for that’s the way
I get rich, and rich I’ll stay!

don’t be offended by my wealth
it’s just what I deserve; my health
unlike yours, is perfect, so
you’d best be calm and let it go

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