I wonder if the guy who
drove through the stop sign
was more thoughtless than
the guy who parked half
in the handicapped space?
I saw both of them today
after I spent two hours
getting past the car
abandoned in my driveway.

So it started when I went out
to the driveway to start the car
and clean off the ice and snow
before driving the curling fanatic
in our household to her game.
There was a car abandoned
in the driveway.
Couldn’t get around it.
She had to walk and be late.
Not a happy camper.

Called the cops.
They were sympathetic,
but told me while they
could do nothing,
I had the right to have
a trespassing car towed.

Climbed into the car,
which was unlocked
found a guy’s resumé,
he was mainly a young
labourer and concession stand
jerk — an appropriate term —
also found a bill for car repairs
with name and phone numbers.

Long/short: no answers anywhere.
Called a tow truck who
answered on the fifth try:
he referred me to another guy
who “does that kind of thing”.
The other guy answered
on the third try
was chatty, and would come
after he looked after
several calls ahead of me.
“Call me if he takes the car
before I get there, okay?”

So the jerk got the car
while I was in the basement.
I told the tow guy
I wished I had been there to
ask the jerk why he left his
car blocking my driveway
for three hours. Like,
is he mental?

So I don’t know who’s worse:
the guy running the stop sign
the guy taking the handicapped spot
the jerk in my driveway —
or do I mean who’s important
enough to join the list of VIPs who
park in fire lanes and
other no parking zones
or skip to the front of lines
or push polite suckers aside?

The day isn’t
long enough;
life isn’t either.

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