on the paper*

woke this morning
to a picture of myself
on the paper
cosied up to my computer screen
and there’s “Yer Gretzkys”
word for (translation: “fer”) word
and note for note;
it’s all
the essence of everything
I sang to Kathleen
a couple of days ago.

When an old guy sings
he realizes
he doesn’t look twenty-five any more
or even fifty-five
in fact, singing “When I’m Sixty-four”
is a pretty iconic joke

conversely, I’m starting to look like
parts of me are going backwards
I’m becoming more like
my grandchildren
in the first stages of infancy
a tipped over glass of juice here
a stumble on the carpet there
a little drool here
before long I’ll wake up
in the middle of the night
(I already do that)
crying for a drink

So what will all this
fame of being on the paper

First of all
let me say
fame won’t change me
anno domini is already
changing me faster than
fame could ever do

No, I think
what it will all mean is
once in a while
in the housewear section
of Canadian Tire
some old guy’s going to
look at me as if he knows me
and I’m going to wonder
if I taught him
and then I’ll realize
I’m looking in a mirror

or maybe not.

[* “on the paper” is Cornwall idiom for being featured or mentioned in the local newspaper, the Standard-Freeholder]

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