yer Gretzkys

Dagnabit! How many of them was they anyways?
The was yer Wayne and yer Walter —
but when we talk about yer Gretzkys
we’re talkin’ about yer Wayne, fer sure.

So, anyways, how does this here expression —
that there is yer technical term, “expression” —
how does that there expression, as it were,
come to be used by yer sports pundits, don’t ye see?

Well, Mister man, she’s a long walk on a short road
don’t ye see, but I’ll tell yez, it’s when yer pundits
is talkin’ about the greats of some sport there,
like they make a list of the greats like this:

“It’s when ye see these young players comin’ up —
players like yer Howes an’ yer Gretzkys an’ Orrs,
yer Belliveaus an’ yer Rocket Richards an’ yer Drydens —”

Okay, Mister man, that’s when I lose it.
Them sonsufbitches is listin’ the single greatest players
that ever lifted hockey stick or laced on hockey skates
and makin’ as if there’s more’n one of ’em.

What ever happened to “the likes of?”
Man, there’s times I’d like to bite their
noses off. Maybe if we could shake some sense into
yer Don Cherrys an’ yer silly who else evers,
They’d use the English language right, eh?

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