The cat leaps onto the breakfast table
with the express purpose of informing
the silly humans sitting there that
the sun is shining and it is time to go out.

Time for her to go out;
………….. .. ……………what we do is
entirely our own responsibility thankyou.

We shall sit eating our toast and marmalade
(which is nicer if very thickly spread)
and reading our newspapers which contain
obituaries and duplicate bridge columns and scores
and letters to the editor and political cartoons
and the daily comics and photos and —
sorry, no: there is almost nothing at all of
interest to cats except perhaps a feature on
mice raised for experimental purposes
I suppose that would be of interest to cats
— pretty well anything on cruelty to
mice (which, by the way, supply the perfect
balanced diet for cats.)

So not much of interest to cats on the table
or in the paper today or any day, for that matter.
It’s a conspiracy. Cat walks away in disdain.

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