The Big Empty



go home

this is not home
this is where you stay
in the sidebars of existence
creating the hells
the purgatories
the limbos
the rules

there is nothing “here”
but your ego creating all this
and making it as seductive
and difficult
as possible

this poem is here
because you
put it here

“here” is here
because you
put it here

want to win the lottery?
just do it
but then what?
are you now happy?

look at that
(whatever you have created to look at in this moment)
why have you put it there
and are you paying attention?

your ego
ruled by faith
has put you “here”
and keeps you here
by distracting you
with clues that
this “here” really exists
and is important to you

only knowledge
can release you
and return you home to
the Big Full]

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