Nice voter, good boy

Elect Skeffington ********* your X here
********* produces
***** * joy * joy * joy * joy *
******* on election night

And not much else until the first

********** drops

************ !!
************ !!
************ !!
************ !!
************ !!
************ !!
********! BBOOMBB !

And he takes away, subtracts, cancels everything
that ever meant anything to you:

healthcare schools realistic envronmental policies
***** social programs daycare

**** — all GONE Gone gone gone gone

So he can give tax breaks to his rich buddies

And then you wonder why you voted for the guy
and how soon you can vote out — not just him

***** But the whole damn system:

Frisk ’em fellow victims, kiss off this system!
Put ’em in a jam jar, feathered with some black tar!
Ride ’em on a railroad, till they have a full load,
Then tell ’em what we voted for, we will take it no more!

it would appear that
you should postpone
your fireside Town Hall
until next week,
when all this
will have blown over:

The weather report is for
Rain and cooler
So most of the
bleeding heart pinkos
will stay home.

Polls are up, Buddy;
this is just a short blip:

All the best,

People for the
Keep Skeff Action Committee

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