reunion: Wine and Cheese

entering the Wine and Cheese
in the gym
or entering the Collosseum
he would have been lost
either way
lions and gladiators
tightly packed cages of
exotics in heightened states of
show and tell
teeth facepaint
cleavage armor
deft stabs of juicy grapplings
death counts
staunch the bleeding
thumbs up
the mighty roar
thumbs down
the lethal hacking sound
as the social tontine focuses
on a few withered remains of
all that lovely juicy joy

I watch a tanned lone man
in jaunty feathered fedora
luxuriant grey moustache
classic tweed jacket
tasteful dark rose boutonniere
textured silk necktie
deep plum pressed shirt
elegant gold rings bracelet
pressed grey slacks
gleaming wingtips
standing among the
jocular masses
tipping casually on heels and toes
looking nowhere
reticent still tanned
still classic

smoking used to come in handy
for such arcane moments
he could light up a pipe or a cigar
make great show of
the ritual of enjoyment
of the art of holding
meditating ruminating
but like an actor
without enough script
without a director
without a motivation
without friends forgodsake
but surrounded by friends
someone else’s friends
by friendship
no one

Why is he so
dressed up
among a gaggle of casual

I lose sight of him
as a joyous face
fills my view and smiles

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