the earth woman at the nursery said
clematis is delicate but inquisitive
her runners go everywhere and
she likes her feet shaded
so she said and she should know
having shaded many a clematis’ foot

I regard the wispy clematis in her pot
wondering if she was getting ready to run
she looked kind of uncombed and flaky
like a frowsy just-woke-up sleepy teenager
we had selected (nay we chose you and that
means we love you more than other babies
who just appear) dear heart we chose you
from several tables of lovely slender tendrils
and delicate large blossoms all hoping to be
brought out of the plant nursery and into life
pick me oh pick me I felt sorry for the eager
oh so eager little sprouts we could not pick
I hoped they would find good caring homes
and a shady place for their delicate little feet

We brought you home rustling excitedly with
a black wrought iron trellis to place behind the
lovely future star were were going to plant
in soft loam by the potting shed

I dug into the earth with a large round-mouth spade
to lay in the groundwork for your bed:
poured bonemeal, sheep manure compost
and peatmoss into the sifted loam in the wheelbarrow
mixed by heaping and shoving it with gloved hands
until I had water in the hole and eased your delicate root ball
out of the pot, packed in the soil, stood up the trellis
transplanted some ubiquitous ivy in front of your dainty feet
and went in for supper.

This morning you were still snug in your bed
I like the idea that if I keep you healthy and happy
runners are a good thing.

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