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an episodically published poem
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One last sweep of the stage floor.
a check of the pre-show list
all properties are in ready position
all electrics are at preshow settings
and are go
all actors are in the backstage area
all clear to open the house
backstage all quiet

Ushers take their places
the house doors swing open
gradually patrons
programs in hand
take their seats

I sit in my usual seat
next to my wife
we read our programs
hoping to get a little mind set
to make the experience
richer more meaningful
we have invested in this event
travelled distances
made reservations
for rooms seats dinner
we want

we want to catch a ride
on the whirlwind
of the gods
that swoops into the theatre
from above the stars
we want the whirlwind to
whisk us away
to share history
to sit next to Elizabeth
we want everything
pared down to make sense
we bring our minds
ready to examine wit
and pith and moment
this is fiction for examiners of life

This evening may bring
death epiphany tragic recognition
wit humour joy disappointment
it is the moment of cognitio
that we come for
and we want to arrive
at the moment
a moment before he does

That is our triumph
that is our moment

The lights dim
the whirlwind swoops in
the drama begins . . .

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