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Yes?I’d like to return this toaster.

Please fill out this form in triplicate.

May I borrow a pen?

You don’t have a pen?


I don’t have a spare pen.

Stop for a moment, Chris, Mary.
Now, tell me, anyone:
Who has the power?



He’s making Mary beg for everything;
he’s a monster. I’ve run into clerks like him.

Good. So, Chris has the power.
I’m going to give Chris this
chalkbrush to hold,
signifying that he has the power.
If that changes, Mary gets the chalkbrush

You don’t have a spare pen?
What kind of store is this?
I want to speak to the manager.

You win: here’s a pen.

Mary should get the chalkbrush

That’s right. Chris, give it over.

You fill out the form for me,
and I’ll tell you what to write.

Thanks you, Ma’am:
If you had made a fuss,
I would have lost my job.


I have a wife and three kids at home
My youngest, Billy, has leukemia
and my wife is illiterate

My goodness. You poor man!
Chris gets the brush.

Correct. That’s the power game
It can go on, switching the power often.
Actors play it in just about every scene.
Remember it.

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