theatre (6)

an episodically published poem
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From the choice of this script
come these performance demands

conviction in comedy
vulnerability in tragedy
hubris in irony
blindness in romance
sympathy in conquest

a man went to a psychiatrist:
I am so sad I can hardly
bring myself to stay living —
oh, then I know how to cure you:
go to see Magnifique, the clown;
he is the funniest man alive
he will cure you —
that is impossible; I shall surely die —
and why is that?
— I am Magnifique the clown.

How to distinguish between
the virtuoso and the pretender
the audition ace and the artist
some of the greatest actors
cannot sight read
can you cast the perfect thespian
can you work with this artist
can you seek dedication
for the pittance you can pay?

Who has the chops for the role
who will carry it off with verve and light
every performance
whom can we count on to
meld with the company
hold the audience
be truly professional
without a lot of baggage?

Who will bring magic to this play?

I choose —

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