theatre (3)

an episodically published poem
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Who is the playwright?

How can a playwright create
you and come to know you
intimately yet he can still
destroy you beloved
and what of God
is this an insight into God’s mind


creation seems to be a virgin birth scenario
sitting alone I create heaven earth breath
childhood youth adulthood action passion
I dress you create your thoughts feelings
I give you substance character emotion
you are my child

into your perfect life I place change
conflict crisis alienation isolation joy sorrow
this change will rob you of joy of
all you have earned deserved wanted
I shall humiliate torture you ruin you destroy you

How can anyone do that?
Is it possible to destroy
what you lovingly create?
Abraham was willing to kill Isaac
but this is an example of
the exception that proves
you cannot do it.

I cannot destroy my characters
is that a failure in me?
or is that a symptom of
a sociopathic personality
Must a playwright or
any writer from that matter
by a sociopath, examining
human behaviour to imitate it
in plays to make us cry
while he does not?
Dickens said he wept
when he wrote
the death of little Nell
but did he really?

What is the writer
what is the playwright?

(To be continued)

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