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Ego commoror anima Calliopeae

put pen to paper
fingers to keyboard
collaborate with muses
create a world
gift it with air water fire
divide day from night
colour it beautiful blue
with hints of white clouds
tans greens a moon to protect it
open the day with light
close it with dark
introduce creatures
call them male and female
and offer them temptation

consider the great questions
why will someone hate kill
steal covet lie help love give
give a a boy bean and steal it from him
give a woman a talent and use her

how can you create
such suffering as Lear’s
how can a playwright
love a character enough
make him worthy enough
that his death is meaningful

great comedy arises from
great sorrow arises from
great joy arises from great
relief from great drama
arises from great wisdom
How to write great anything

when the page is blank
the screen is blank
ask a Muse
in a museum
for amusement

the playwright like any writer
builds on the known
digs into mythology
for the root stories
that say who we are
and that is what
the playwright does
he tells us who we are
in effect creates us

divide day from night
colour it beautiful blue
with hints of white clouds

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