theatre (1)

an episodically published poem
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the room brimmed with wonders
gleaming photos of buildings
stylized models in hardboard
futures of the past
futures of the future
blueprints pinned to corkboards
and here in front of us
future of the future
the great globe of to-come
the theatre our home

The architect smoked a pipe
this is your opportunity

we knew it was set in budget
in numbers in concepts
change the stage level
enlarge the dressing rooms
raise the front seating
sprung softwood floors more lighting
rake the seating panel velours
backstage intercoms remote
instruments technical specs
all this to create a place
for artists to speak sing and dance
for other people to be moved

a slope down a hillside
an outdoor courtyard
a church sanctuary
a platform in an inn
a room in a palace
a room in an inn
a room in a warehouse
a converted factory
a tent in a field
a special construct
we could convert this barn

all the world’s a stage
each in his own way sees
what a theatre should be
just give me a dark place
with good sightlines
some lighting
and I’ll give you a play
that will knock your socks off

(To be continued)

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