Ice that held the soil in its leprous grip
is long gone, we have raked out
the clotted layer of rotting leaves
mulching the reluctant beds, that
just now eager reddish sprouts enhance
and we have watched the sun
casting towards then slowly reeling in
the horizon a little more reluctantly each day as
shadows shorten with each succeeding noon

The seedlings that we planted in darker months
have sprouted and I think of the contemplation
at the kitchen table one evening in the yellow light
the contemplation of palmfuls of small hard seeds
that we had broken out of the paper envelopes
and arranged like an Aztec sand picture all these
seeds sleeping life deep inside dun husks
life that could lie sealed in an urn while planets
galaxies turned species went extinct volcanoes
belched out the red guts of the deep blue orb
and still these seeds hold life that could grow

Today we kneel on the vivid young grass and
trowel into the warm loam bed that we have enriched
with compost, bone meal, sheep manure
churned it with our fists in the wheelbarrow
felt its loose willing potential smelled its sweet
future its promise its dreams its
ripening almighty next

Oh we have dreamed of harvests ripe vegetables
berries melons flowers for the table for your hair
for mine and here in these little seedlings that could happen
we could burst open a jar of millennial seeds and
sow some ancient’s discontinued ruminations into
this warm promise reclaimed from the dreams of
a farmer in his village so long ago but just overnight
for these small seeds which we shall plant and
and store in sealed packages to be planted again

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