Being fixed in the hypnotic stare
of the Big C has been a fact of life
for me and my family for
just over ten years now
I am happy to report that
my bladder has withstood
twenty-four or so cystoscopic
incursions and the routine removal
of four malignant tumors PDQ

This cancer could by some
standards be considered
a good or lucky cancer
because I have required no
radiation or chemo and:
because it could capriciously
decide to take off at any
time, I am meticulously
monitored and therefore
unlikely to die of metastisis
that was discovered too late

“Capriciously” requires comment:

After I had been a patient
of my wonderful urologist
for a year, he asked me to
go to his office for a talk.
I recall only one part,
the part where he said,

“I don’t want to freak you out,
but the kind of cancer you have
can spread without warning,
and you could die.
That is why we will be sending
you for tests periodically.”

Every so often, I think about that
and I realize that the best thing to do
is to live life one day at a time as
richly as possible, and
that does not mean self-indulgence;
that means learning what I set out
to master in this life.

I believe that we reincarnate to answer Karma,
that is, to experience, learn, what we decided
between lives we had to learn in this life in order to
perfect ourselves. We were assisted in that
decision by our guides, the same guides that we
open ourselves up to when we do our best things in this life.
That is where wonderful writing comes from.

Simple. But most people have the attitude that
you shouldn’t say things like this so:


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