Fifty Years On

In the annals of friendship there stands a great host
Who has welcomed his friends to his hearth
And for many a year he has opened his door
With a smile and a hug from his heart

In 1956 he was President of
All the students of CCVS
And as that was the sesqacentennial year
He distinguished himself with the best*

Then to Queens and to Georgetown and on to the world
In the service of Canada he
Vietnam, Carribbean and then Lebanon
Once a hostage he got them all free

In the midst of all this he had bought him a house
Which he fixed and he loved with great care
And he furnished it fully with exquisite taste
For he knew how to do it with flair

And still for his country he travelled the world
With a staff and prestige and quite wittily
First UN in New York then our Ambassador
To Ireland to Austria and Italy

And in those years of pomp he still came back to stomp
On his grounds and to cook for his friends
The mighty he served but his friends he still lerved
For he’s made a great home say Amen

Now it’s fifty years gone and he’s still moving on
He has opened a new home to spend
Some time with his books and his friends
And he cooks he’s a good bud so say we


* In the yearbook:

Full page greetings from Governor General Rt. Hon. Vincent Massey, Prime Miinister Louis B. St. Laurent, various other repersentatives of education and government, and Alan W. Sullivan, President, Students Council, CCVS.

To Alan:

May you have as rich and glowing a future as the shining lustre of your past.

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