uh, sorry to interrupt your reading
I mean, I would have spoken earlier

caught your attention I mean
but you were on those other pages
reading something else
and I could hardly expect you
to come here until you were
well, ready
I guess you are
because, well, here you are
reading these words
thinking about what I am thinking
as I write this
Of course, you are reading this
after I write it; that puts me ahead of you
but I don’t mean to be disparaging
it is the job of writers to be ahead
to anticipate and after all,
since we write before you
read, we are ahead.
You know, when celebrities
read movie stars
go up onto those stages
where most of them are really
quite ill at ease
when they go up to all that applause
to receive those awards
they are really getting the awards for
reading to you what we writers have
written a long time before
you saw it or they read it.
You know: they are famous
but our words made that happen
our imaginations created the whole thing
back in those boring little rooms
where all the world’s largest
battles are first fought
in our heads

Remember that next time you
chase a celebrity down the street.

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