She’s, like

Man, when I was a kid
I’d, like dream sometimes
and there’d be this woman
who was so absolutely amazing, like
she’d be, just perfect, Man
but in the dream, Man, I could
never actually talk to her or even
think about getting any closer to
her than, like to the moon, Man
at least that’s what I’d tell Sarah
and, like she understood, like
on account of she was, like a girl
but more one of the guys, like?

So I had a bunch of really, like
stupid dating adventures, Man
like, I could never know what
to say, and I’d, like tell Sarah
and she’d laugh and tell me
to look around and wake up
so most of the time I’d
be standing on one side of
the dance floor looking, trying to
wake up as she said, and the girls
would be, like together on
the other side of the dance floor
like, dancing together and I
hadn’t a clue about that?

So one day I’m like, no longer a kid
but not much is happening in the
love department and I’m walking
with, you know, Sarah who was not
really a girl but a friend, like
I used to tell stuff to, like I said
and I realize she’s like, hugging
my arm and I can, like
well it’s kind of intense, like
I can feel her breast kind of soft
but insistent pressing against my
elbow and I think, like this is
in the middle of the street, Man
and this has got to be an accident
and Sarah doesn’t know what’s happening
but then I look over at Sarah and, like
it’s Sarah, you know, and she smiles, like
we have a secret and Sarah hugs my arm
Sarah, but then I realize, like
thunder man, that Sarah, she’s,
like, the one?

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