Soft diamonds

Driving down county road 34
no music, no radio
just hoping for silence
for peace and lucid driving
late on a sharp cool night
the darkness beyond the
spread of the headlights
is pierced by pairs of oncoming
probes just once in a while
the rhythms of the road
the soft thump bump strumming
of the asphalt and occasional
square panes of soft life looking
ride in silence stars in the skyroof
thinking of the vivid faces
thirteen plays had brought
into the interweave of
portals through which we admit
to being alive in earth residence.

Haunting juxtapositions faces
words light shadow movement
coherent movement incoherent
movement panic tongue speed


costume entrance soft patient
voices applause hands speaking
approval of hands
and through it notes pages
cascades of notes.

For two weeks,
scripts had been my reading
for two days,
actors drew my breathing
for three sessions I decided who was
good, who was better: who was
sad, who was bitter; who was bad
who would glitter on in the sky
soft diamonds
diamonds ride the deep
dark sky hovering overhead
like drifting points in space
soft sweet diamonds
drifting over us all.

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