— vry spring
Bill & Johnny Runbythecrick —
having looked at the greying snow for some weeks
then the lifeless & dead hay that lay under it
since they missed the last haying when the fall rain fell —
wake up and discover
the winter boulder crop
is ready to harvest.

Reliable as hell
the boulder crop
— vry spring
there she is
a bounty
of boulders
thrust up by frost
that suggests
tough gnarled old hands
laboring deep in the earth
to toss up
these skulls
these ice age ground round
ball-bearings of glaciation.

Good for walls ’tween fields
Last forever
those rocks
testament to Glengarry history
great grandfather Johnny Downbythewell
picked rock, and his father before him.



— vry spring
soon as you could get horses inta field
pull a good load
good team a heavy haulers
See ’at big bastard over near th’ south wall?
JimmyJohnny Over’tCrick brought that out
hell no
eight-four year
don’t see ’at kinda haulin’ with no tractor
’fraida bustin’ an axel

Horse now
horse’ll give ye good day’s work ona handful a oats
good fer ye
keep yer pecker up

Billy Johnny
quit lollygagging’
there’s rocks to pick.

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