St. Lawrence River August 2004

St. Lawrence River August 2004

Here is a view of the river looking south from the Ontario side to the
Quebec side. The Quebec border crosses the river just a little east of here. I think the river is several miles wide here. You cannot see any ships in this picture, but the St. Lawrence Seaway is visible. The clouds at the bottom of the sky are over the Adirondacks of Northern New York State.

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2 Responses to St. Lawrence River August 2004

  1. roy owenss says:

    Two relms of the world,like alian planets. Could they be more different, even though we know that they are composed of the same chunks of matter? I can get into the water but I can’t stay there. I can stay in the air but I can’t get up there. And then there is that place in the middle, that thin black line in the distance, New York. Over there are people who laugh and lie and dance and die in that thin black line. Over there they think there world is big. But for a fact we know
    it is a very ,very thin black line.

  2. riverwriter says:

    Thank you Roy; your comment is very poetic, itself. The river is very beautiful, very powerful, and ultimately quite insidious, and inspires many people (myself certainly included) to reach unusual imaginary places.

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