Small Universe

Soft the little boy plays
Fingers curling over his
Favourite wooden engine: Thomas
Guiding him and his
Magnetic entourage of wooden cars
Chuff-chuff-chuff Choo-choo-choo!
Along the linked wooden track
Towards silent Edgar
Waiting on a siding with his array;

Across the room, the boy’s Daddy
My son plays another game
With a chequebook
Guiding it along the
Wouldn’t-couldn’t Cheque-cheque-cheque
Wreckage of the month.

So soon serious
He is a good man
Trying his best
To fuel the fiery furnace:
Drive his economic train
Up its steep mountain.

The little guy squeals in delight
As he smashes Thomas into Edgar:
Chaos rules; Hoo-ooo-oo! the engine
Hollers through his lips.
“Sean? What are you doing?”
Daddy asks.
“Thomas crashed right into
Edgar and Thomas won!”
Ha-ha-ha Hoo-ooo-oo!
Sean laughs, hilariously.

My son smiles.
He knows a better story
When he sees one.

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